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1) Aspirations of an unrealistic career (usually one that will result in a high public profile), especially when the practitioner fails to execute chose line of work flawlessly. Pursuing in a reckless manner such that supporters and facilitators become the subject of bad press and have to thus sell the Lakers box, paintings, ect., As the result of purchasing unnecessary recording studio equipment.

2) The intentional courting of favorable public opinion or admiration. As opposed to the accumulation of monetary wealth or power in a particular social cast. Social climbing, Fame whoring.

3) hcorruption, Mel Gibson Phone Rant 6, :08.
You're outta here in 15 minutes. I'd never seen you clear out so fast as when I said I'd pull the plug on you fucking lustic bullshit. You coming here today was comedy.
by FreshScones January 23, 2013
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