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A black Guyanese goddess. She teaches algebra but isn't good at it. Has a husband named Joey-Paul. He did not find out what his name was until he was in his 20's. She makes music but can't sing. She is bald. There are 3 different weaves that she wears: a red and black weave (that looks like it has been through a paper shredder), a dark brown with light brown highlights that looks like fire, and she has a black curly weave. She tells students they don't love their parents and puts satanic spells on them if they leave class early. She can't say soda correctly and pronounces it as "soder." Her son has her name tattooed across his arm. Lureen believes that she will be a colorful god in her next life. There are rumors going around school that she sniffs cough syrup to get high, takes advantage of her students, hides bodies in her blue cabinet, her middle name is Carl, and she watches horse porn when her students are taking tests. she has a fetish for The Beatles that puts her in a state of retardness. Has had a gender change surgery that no one knows about. She accepts blowjobs in return for good grades. She has triangular shaped windows. Has no time for baby mama drama. She hates children. If you upset her she will tell the Gods. She has watermelon breasts and stumps in all the right places. Lureen is quite the character.
"Don't stop Lureening bitch"
by koalabears42069 June 27, 2016
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