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an average person who does not interest you in any way
Sanjay "Did you meet George's new flat mate?"

Rachel "Yeah."

Sanjay "Whatd you think?"

Rachel "Meh, bit of a lum lum"
by Loobergs February 24, 2014
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Love you most emphasized by saying it twice.

Originated from a freshman in Boston University as a term for endearment and/or a "filler" word
Everyone: "I'm stressing out so much for this exam, paper, homework, etc"
Me: "Lum Lum"
Everyone: "... Lum Lum"
by TheRealPotatoGod March 03, 2017
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A lum lum is a small woodman creature known for his sneaky ways and explicit sex life that has been known to keep the majority of his habitat up. On a normal day, one can find the lum lum sitting calming in his cave with headphones on, or dry humping olga. There is still debate to this day whether the lum lum has been sexually connected to the LUUM LUUM, another species that shares his cage but is pronounced with a much longer and drawn out tone.
Girl: i wanna go hunting for Lum Lum
Boy: Slut
by Sasgood February 06, 2008
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