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An attack similar to Spinzaku from Code Geass, particulary Code Geass R2. While Spinzaku is executed by Kururugi Suzaku, Lulucopter is executed by Lelouch Lamperouge. (Or Lelouch vi Britannia) Lulucopter is most likely one of the few attacks that can match Spinzaku. And can decimate foes just as easily. Lulucopter can also be used to escape, because of it's aerial properties. Though, as mentioned before, Lulucopter is so powerful, this is rarely needed. Sources indicate Lelouch devoloped this attack in response to being attack by Spinzaku. Somehow Lelouch survives these encounters. Possibly by his powerful block, or another unknown force. Lelouch also taught this attack to Sayoko, his ninja maid.
*Lulucopter, followed by dodges*
"Female bodies are meaningless!!!!"
by Lelouch vi Britannia July 20, 2009
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