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Someone that is loyal and wise.
Hard to smile and look unfriendly but actually just wanted to keep their bright-side hidden.
She:You are just like Lukman
He:Who is it?Your ex?
She:Nope,it just because you are just very funny and kind even You have a fierce face
by Sky-X December 30, 2017
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Lukman has a tiny one and is on average about 1.5 inches, most of his people hkave on average a 1 to 2 inches on a good day. Some how he managers to put it in but his huge cheeks can cause stressfulness in bed.
Jacob: have u seen Lukmans pics?
Lukman: I don't know what ur talking about
Jacob: just tell us the truth that u have a tiny dick
by Breaking bad curly babe May 18, 2016
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