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When player one in any game (video, board, bar, drinking, or otherwise) is asked to take over for player two for any reason, and he/she just can not find the focus or concentration that they would normally exert for their turn. Usually leading to player two getting a premature gameover or a very low score.
"Hey, I gotta run into town real quick and pick up the pizza. You want to go ahead and play my guy for me until I get back?"



"Pizzas here!! Is it my turn?"

"Yeah...sorry dude, you got a game over."

"What the F**K!?! I was doing awesome!"

"Yeah, I don't know what happened. I think I'm suffering from Luigi Syndrome a little bit.
by Mettrack February 06, 2010
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Playing it safe, never wanting to take the risks that come with being the protagonist.
I got total Luigi Syndrome man, I'm a habitual passer on the field, I never want to shoot... What if I miss?
by ricohcolloseum March 18, 2018
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