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Think of the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen. By comparison, Lucifina makes that woman seem powerfully and painfully unattractive. Lucifina looks like Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft era) and Rosario Dawson (Sin City era) had sex so sexy it produced some sort of sexy sex baby, and then that baby grew up and exceeded all preposterous expectations for sexiness. Just by bending over in front of them, fully-clothed, Lucifina has given men who previously thought they were impotent such powerful boners their dicks literally exploded. Just by accidentally brushing her breast upon women’s shoulders when squeezing past them in a crowded room, women’s vaginas have produced so much heat and moisture that they’ve heat-stroked all of the room’s occupants to the floor, and then all of those people died after drowning in the two to three feet of standing vagina sex-water. Lucifina has dark skin, green eyes, and whatever weight, height, curves, and bra cup size you want her to have. She’s usually wearing whatever you think is the sexiest outfit. Such as, you know, for a random example, torn fishnets and leather thigh-high boots with a ripped jean mini-skirt and a vintage Soundgarten “Badmotorfinger” concert tank top. She has a devil tail, two horns, and fangs as well - but usually keeps these aspects of her true, Hellish form hidden.
*you send an inappropriate message TO THE WRONG RECIPIENT* “DAMNIT! Begone Lucifina!!
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by High-priestess August 06, 2019
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