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Is an amazing person who is an up and coming actress and loves to ride horses. This word can also be used to describe some one who is a lovely person.
That girl is such a lucabella because she helped me with my homework.
by Heelyeah May 27, 2018
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One of the best friends you will ever meet. She is kind and accepting of everyone. She is unique and has an amazing sense of humor. Not only is she an amazing friend she is a star on the rise. If you meet a Lucabella, be sure to keep them in your life, not only will you have a lifelong friend who is always there for you you will be friends with one of the most talented stars out there! She is not only amazing at almost everything she does she is stunning and the guys can't take their eyes off of her! She is an overall wonderful person and an even better friend
That girl is so talented I can't believe it! Oh she's a Lucabella, that definitely explains it.
by Urban Dictionary User ;) July 05, 2018
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