A super sexy and charming girl who loves Heavy Metal , Ice Hocky and Puppies. Wears lots of leather jackets and big fuck off boots!
1. see that girl in the big fuck off boots thats loxie.

2. OMG she is hot her name must be loxie.

3. Lets rock out with loxie.

4. You should buy loxie a drink.
by KLJS February 11, 2012
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Smart and clever with a twist, yet readable; to lie while speaking the truth; to cheat and be deceitful behind the back of one, advising the deceited while being deceitful.

Judy and her boyfriend got in an argument; she then told him she will do a Loxy on him.

John didnt believe his girlfriend when she said she will be cheating on him with his brother til he walked in on them. He was Loxified.
by Mystik Minds February 20, 2008
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John Doe: The she said his name was bob!

Jane Doe: hahahahaha Loxies
by VivaLaShawn August 7, 2009
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An interesting young lassy who is very shy and quiet and has a weird obsession with picking her buttum. Contains very golden golden blonde, may i say wild, hair. Buldging blue eyes, and...”amazing” flirting skills. Her favorite activities are learning her gospel and making out with C names(boys or girls no preferences)

Loxi is funny
by cc_charles December 11, 2018
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