Pull down your pants and take a dump between the couch cushions, then put the cushions back in place.
That nasty bitch came over to my house last night and did a lower Manhattan!
by B-Rad 69 October 25, 2011
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The name given to "Watchmen" character Dr. Manhattan's Penis.
"HOLY SHIT! Look at the size of Lower Manhattan."
by Verin1337 October 2, 2009
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Lower Manhattan Community Middle School (LMC) is a school that takes the word "community" seriously. Each student commits to an art major after the 6th grade (Visual Art, Digital Art, Music, and Dance). Great for future artists as it definitely can be the start of a “rags to riches” story. Heavy on the rags. Mice are frequent and welcome members of the community and roaches love to join in on dodgeball games in the gym. The school curriculum tries (and can fail) to be progressive, leading to a lot of “interesting” lessons and even more interesting personalities. Hippies, basketball stars, wallflowers, and ignorant will usually end up in groups together. Like every middle school, students will be embarrassed of their time at the school, but at least they made it out alive.
No visual art teacher has ever stayed at LMC (Lower Manhattan Community Middle School) for more than a year.

Yeah, I went to LMC (Lower Manhattan Community Middle School). I miss it but I’d never go back…
by ElemenoPQRS February 27, 2023
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