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1A great resource for the city of Lowell, MA, provided you're latino/cambodian/asian. Do not i repeat do not go there if you're white/gay/want any kind of emotional support, just don't go there. Half the staff barely speak any english, and they treat an HIV diagnosis the way people talk about the time of day, i.e. without any sensitivity. Not racist but that's what I experienced. If you go to UMass Lowell, just go to the
doctor/clinic/community health center back home where you live.
2. Any such place with a similarly complete lack of sensitivity to patients' emotional needs
Ana/Barbara/whatever her name is: *stammering and struggling to form coherent English words*: won't kill you fast.

Patient: Thanks for that incredibly sensitive response to this obviously life-changing moment. Real professional and comforting. Glad to know that Lowell Community Health Center also cares about its white patients.
by The Authorityy December 26, 2010
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