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A phrase coined by a husband making fun of his wife named Gemma at the local Costco. You can even shorten it and use "Jeema" after a sentence, phrase, or word ends in an abrupt sound, most commonly used with words that end in T. For example, if your friend asks you "Do you like my hat?" and appropriate answer would be "Jeema" so that you finish their sentence saying "Do you like my hat Jeema". Another great example would be if you see a carton that says "Jumbo Egg", you would take a picture on snapchat and add text to make it "Jumbo Egg Jeema. It is also popularly used when you have nothing else to say and you want to laugh. If you are ever down, you say "Low Fat Jeema!" and all your problems seem to go away. Give it a try. Or if you're feeling confident, you can add Jeema to almost anything! The possibilities are endless.
"Hey man, what's up? You want to go to the gym with me tonight... Jeema?"
"Go Fit Jeema"
"Pillow Fat Jeema"
by JumboEggJeema January 23, 2015
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