When A Girl Or A Boy are so desperate for friends or an intimate partner that they will take even the least attractive and least intelligent etc. as adequate.
Jeff: Did you hear Linda is dating that freakshow Johny?

Todd: She has Low Standards Man.
by Captain Cream Soda August 5, 2016
when you wll accept dating a person even though you know they arent very attractive and you only take that person because you know thats the best you can get and if one of those people have the disorder its most likley they both have it.
jeff:why is steve dating her she so ugly

carl: he has low standards disorder
by loserman707 September 17, 2009
When you exaggerate the most minuscule things. One example can be the tinpot club Arsenal who beat a farmers' league team Benfica in Europa league which also can be a synonym for losers' league, and called it one of the greatest european nights for the team. Mfers are down bad.
by proud liverpool fan February 26, 2021