a type of "e." Induces feelings of happiness and gives a good trip
"what are they?"
"yeah i can see that, but what are they?"
"ooooh, love hearts"
by lubdanikins December 4, 2007
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A love heart is a shape that is easily drawn and looks like this: ♥
"Her Love Heart necklace looks really cute and it compliments her dress really well!", said Tamirah.
by ♥- Bec -♥ July 24, 2008
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A circular sweet with a love message in a heart a popular childhood sweets. common with starting childhood sweethearts

also love hearts can be drug slang for Ecstasy.
Ecstasy is a popular drug for ravers to get more active for the disco, make the experience better, more active.
Girl: that boy is so sweet, that love heart he gave me was so cute i like him....
Girl 2: awwwwwww

Raver: i need some love hearts for tonight, its going to be insane
Raver 2: be carefull and dont take to many
by general banana man March 15, 2010
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A commonly used diagrammatic symbol of a heart, school kids the world over use it to replace the word 'love' (ie: Billy Bob <3 Cheryl Sixfingers)

The origins of this word are more sordid than most people realise, whilst we all know a heart is more of a lump than a 'love heart', nor is it pink or a defined red, have a little think about what body part looks like it?

If you guessed a spread open woman's vagina, then you're correct. The 'love heart' is the 'love centre' of a woman, a stereotypical (ie: non-uglified) vagina will bear this shape when spread wide by the womans hands, therefore pulling each labia majoris out and upwards slightly, the clitoral hood remains tighter against the skin than the labia majora thus pulling downwards on the pinkish red opening.

So next time you see a 6 year old write their name <3 someone, try not to laugh blatently at the fact they've just drawn a cunt.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. It's 1984, Orwell was right, Big Brother lies. War on terror my arse, the only terrorists out there are us Americans. The CIA put Saddam and Osama in power, they used 9/11 as an excuse to bump them off and replace their middle eastern puppets! Go to www.nowarforisrael.com or www.whatreallyhappened.com for more information, in the meantime, enjoy the fact all our liberties have been taken from us, we're now the land of the prisoners, not the free!
by WTF ARE THE WMD'S? October 3, 2004
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When your bopping someone and you force there legs behind there back breaking them in the process into a love heart shape
I did the love heart technique with the stripper now she’s in the hospital
by BestGeographer454 February 3, 2020
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The jogger string love heart

Is special because he/she has gone through the pain of making it perfect for there girl/boy
Hey babe send me a picture of your jogger strings in a shape of a love heart
What like the jogger string love heart of course ‘Image sent’
Love you too babe
by King_jjcraig77 November 27, 2021
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You had been broken so many times. You still loved him knowing you were both broken. You had a broken soul, he had a broken heart, but you stuck together... until he left.
“She was a bleeding soul who loved his broken heart, even when he left and made her bleed even more.”
by Brokennn November 5, 2020
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