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Also applies to the Intermediate School.

The worst middle school in the world. Lying about being excellent and shit while getting a C+ average in Language Arts. The staff is all bullshit and they discriminate the students on their level of understanding, race, and gender. The school claims it is broke and needs more money while the dumbass superintendent spends the school's money on SMART Boards and iPad's that the teachers use to play games.
Student 1: "Yo, Tyrese! You just moved to Loveland, don't go to Loveland Middle School, go to Mason.
Student 2: "Yea, nigga."
Student 1: "If you ever wanted to go, watch out for Officer Barnes, he confiscated my weed bro."
Dumbass Student: "I'm telling Officer Barnes, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your gonna get your ass kicked!"
by DarellSmokesWeed February 19, 2012
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