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A state that occurs when someone is so in love with their significant other that the rest of the world, including family and friends, becomes dull and unimportant. Symptoms include a dazed, glassy look in the eyes when in the presence of the beloved and a lack of interest in familiar activities and pastimes. In this state, the beloved takes precendence over everyone and everything else, quickly becoming the center of one's life. Old friends and loved ones can expect to be shunned in favor of the new beloved. Usually occurs in the beginning of a relationship when the beloved is fairly new in one's life.
Peter was in such a lovedaze that I didn't even get to see him on his 18th birthday--he decided to spend the whole day with Claire and only Claire instead of bringing her out to celebrate along with all of us who love him.

My brother and I used to be real close, but I never see him anymore; he's in a lovedaze.

I don't know what I think of Emma's new boyfriend; I've never spoken to him, because all they do is whisper and make kissy faces at one another. They're both in such a lovedaze you can't talk to either of them while they're together, and they're always together.

I was in a lovedaze once, but then I started to miss my friends.
by Frigidifold September 05, 2009
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