A pair of couples who are so much in love that they dont talk to each other in fear of uncontrollable feelings overflowing if they do so.
Lovebirds Uday and Krity and their wierd love-story
by Meher Shareen February 21, 2021
a small parrot called Agapornis (in greek) that's most of it's types are in africa, love their partner or owner if bonded and tamed correctly.

Note that this says lovebird and not lovebirds so don't expect me to write about actual human lovebirds
My lovebird is super loud but loves my interaction.
by IDon'tKnowWhatToPutHere291 August 13, 2020
A Cute birbie that is green and has a red face and receives scratches from its hooman owner
hooman owner: scritches birb

lovebird: leaning over for the perfect scritch spot
by AAAASADADAD June 23, 2020
A band forming in 2007 in Brooks Alberta. They are FANTASTIC,TALENTED musicians. check them out please

Jay and the lovebirds are pop/rock/tango
by a human person May 3, 2009