Can be a way of saying I love you without losing your street cred or seeming week. Also, a way of saying actually "I love your life, wish it was mine".
Homie one says: "I'm out man catch you later bro".
Homie two says: "love your life bro, late".
by KilltRoyWasHere July 23, 2018
The love of your life is when you can’t stop loving that person and there your other can’t live without them no matter what happens. They don’t always have to love you back but you have to love them with all your heart!
by Your Typical gay boy May 22, 2018
The love that never separates from your soul. Not after change, heart aches, or even time. The memory of your time together warms your heart & even when its over you still remember it as one of the best times of your life. It reminds you of adventure and magic. Its the love that forever changed you as a person. Now this is often mistaken for a soul mate ,but often that is far from the truth. People Come & go in your life to lead you to where you need to go. To find your Soul Mate, & your own peace with the world
I might be the Love of your life just not my soul mate.
by Kitty forman October 18, 2018
That special person that fate, destiny, the cosmos, has placed on our paths, but not necessarily at the right time or place. The person we most care about--whether we are aware of it or not--the person that most moves us in body, mind, and soul. Dare I say a soul mate. The one special we have to bare the pang and scorn of 1000 years to behold for a fleeting instance in perfect time.
Andy played her voice message, and the volume was set too high. Everyone heard her voice and he blushed. "They all heard your voice" he said, and Ally responded, "tell them I'm your future-girlfriend-lover-love-of-your-life."
by Fuzzypanda May 24, 2014