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A very well-done indie nature film, with a lot of production and music by British star Imogen Heap. Never in history has a nature film been created by people submitting footage over the internet. From August to September of 2010, people submitted. It was shown at the Royal Albert Hall (with live orchestral performance) in November 2010. Imogen Heap became so busy after that, that she did a little bit of mixing in 2011, but the film didn't come out until April 22, 2012.
Person 1: I just saw Love The Earth.
Person 2: Didn't see any trailers for that! Must be a straight to DVD release!
Person 1: It's not even on DVD. You have to take a Vimeo link from
Person 2: Cheap Internet film, eh?
Person 1: No, not cheap. If you view it on the right screen, it's amazing HD! You just hate indie films!
by Seshie January 05, 2013
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