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An incredible yaoi manga by Yuki Shimizu. Published in North America by BLU.

The entire story revolves in some way around a male escort service called B&B. The first volume focuses on Sakashita Izumi and Takamiya Katsura who come together by coincidence (?) and a major mix up with B&B.

I believe there are 8 volumes in all. Each volume centers around a new couple who are, even in the smallest ways, connected to each other somehow. For example, volume 2 is about Aoe, the owner of B&B who is a constant thorn in Izumi's side in the first volume, and Naoya whoe he meets and eventually falls in love with. ( No matter how much he tries to deny it!!)

Love Mode rocks and any Otaku who has not heard of it should have by now, so go buy it already!
Love Mode is the best manga in the world!!
by Lee Duncan March 08, 2006
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Long, formal definition:
The mental and physiological condition of a male during which an impulsive desire to achieve reproductive success, or more commonly just the desire to engage in intercourse, overrides essential mental processes, such as the ability to effectively work or the ability to think rationally. Other effects may include disorientation and or sweating.
This occurs with varying frequencies and intensities in males; some may enter "love mode" after long periods of abstinance from sexual activity, others may constantly or never experience it. Most commonly, intense "love mode" occurs more often when a male is in direct contact with a female, or whatever else may be an object of arousal.
Salient examples of "love mode" include, but are in no way limited to, the state of mind of a male engaging in a booty call with a tramp, slut, skank, cum dumpster, skin scum bag, floozie, or whore (of the amateur variety) - or when a male resorts to paper bagging an otherwise undesirable girl. "Love mode" frequently, though not always, occurs when under the influence of various substances, including alcohal, cannabis and MDMA.

Short Definition:
A stupid slang term for being so horny that you can't think straight - so horny you'd do, fuck, tap, nail, bang etc girls far below reasonable standards. You might totally forget about condoms, protection or other contraceptives.
I had the worst case of love mode the other day: I was totally sober but almost couldn't stop myself from taking advantage of this stupid paper-bagger girl who totally would jump my bone.
by DeathMonger July 19, 2006
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