When you are about to smoke that good shit. Basically another way of asking if you want to smoke.
Hey you all wanna twist that up and Love Him?
by Recx October 1, 2006
When you love him you will know because he's all you think about.He will make you make laugh with every single word he says!I love him.
Girl:omg did you think about Chris
Girl2:I love him all I can do is think about him!
Girl:you really do love him!
by Lexi lavender August 5, 2017
You have strong love or appreciation for someone without being "in love" or having any connection with them
Did you see what tom Holland posted??? Love him down, but this post wasn't it.
by Tatdessy January 22, 2022
A line on a shirt Harry Styles wore on New Year’s Eve
Dad: You can’t date him
You: But daddy I love him
by Finelineoflarry March 1, 2020
When you love him so much and u have this feeling that he's the one. He's the one for you. You have all these great memories and you get to know him and think he's a great guy! You always want to be with him. You never want to say good bye to him ever! Because you know whatever you do he'll always be there for you.
by Angelhana77 March 6, 2017
when you have a passion for someone, that feels like fire in your stomach. the person feels so amazing, almost like Zeus!
For two years, i've liked Greg so much! Almost like i love him like the burning sun!
by Sherrlie November 30, 2007