She's a really cute person and extremely talented. Queen of debate. She can even write songs, fanfics, whatever u name it. Really supportive and kind. Mess with her and you're dead. #girlboss
D: damn yes Louiza keep the fanfics going
L: On it. *writes so many scenarios of her bestfriend with a boy*
by yayayaya_iykyk October 21, 2021
A pretty, beautiful, smart, friendly girl who helps others, and isn't selfish.
"Wow. Louiza is so nice."
by Lolzgirl123 March 12, 2009
Diabetes. Loves food. Fat as fuck. Should burn more calories instead of fucking and sucking. Likes to party and drink. Has an ugly boyfriend and he jizzes inside her 24/7. Likes to snitch.
by Arnehappycock January 24, 2022