The worst way to do a GTA heist.
*stealthily walks through the casino building and accidently clicks RT causing the video game character to shoot*

"Oh shit boys, It looks like we will have to do this loud and proud which may result in us all failing the heist.
by Metallica July 16, 2021
To fart very loudly and be proud of it.Usually done in public places or with friends.
A:I did loud and proud in elevator, too bad guys didn't have good sense of humor =(
by id HouseMix December 15, 2009
the act of running into an enemy infested area on any First person shooter, (or occasionally and RPG game)

to do this you throw all your grenades, or use your magic missiles, then run in using melee, and close range automatic weapons.

almost always ends in death....

similar to a zurg rush
STEVE: dude, go loud and proud on them little cheesebuggas!
JESSE: no way yo! i dont wanna get pwned by the little piglets!
by FAST Lane July 30, 2006