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Government of the People by People chosen by Lottery.

A theory of government run by people recruited for office via a public lottery system. The lottery system would largely resemble the various systems in place today for choosing jury pools.

There would be no repeat public service required - previous service would be a valid exemption. Holding a position for two terms would be almost impossible. Some individuals would not qualify, just as they would not qualify for jury duty. Some would qualify for a temporary or hardship exemption. Eligibility would be based on age and residency. Citizenship may be required for some posts.

A Lottocracy makes wealth and fund-raising non-issues for a candidate for public office, as we would all be candidates with a more or less equal probability of being chosen.

Additional checks and balances may be required that do not exist in America's system of Democracy. For instance, no single position could hold ultimate power over any individual, group or organization. However, a Lottocracy would be almost free of special interest groups and so-called partisanship. It would also guarantee equal representation - a concept proposed by the founding fathers of the United States, but one sorely lacking in today's government.
Joe Plumber: You know, democracy kind of sucks. People that really want to run for office are probably the people that should never hold office.

Jane Plumbed: Yeah. ... Hey! Maybe you should run for President!

Joe Plumber: Nah! That job would suck. But maybe it would be better if we picked someone by lottery!

Jane Plumbed: Yeah. We could call it a Lottocracy.
by ByThePeople September 03, 2009
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