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TV exclusive to daytime. Broadcasters figure people watching are unemployed, uneducated and poor. Judge Judy, Peoples Court, Divorce Court and clones pander to those who feel they can get their 15 minutes of fame and fortune by airing their dirty laundry in a fake courtroom ruled by a celebrity judge. Other examples are low end talk shows which degenerate into shouting and shoving matches. Jerry Springer comes to mind. At least there's plenty of high comedy. A spin off show is the Steve Wilkos program. That bald guy whokept order on Jerry Springer now has his show. People come to see the Chicago cop as their wizard as they seek solutions to their problems. Springer and Wilkos are actually the high end of these shows. The bottom of the bunch is Maury Povich's show. A forum for the new morality where a girl gets knocked up but isn't sure who's the baby daddy. And Loser TV advertising goes right down the toilet hawking: Sleazy law firms promising get rich quick, storefront ghetto medical/dental clinics, rent to own appliance stores, cheap internet/cell phones and vocational schools. Additional advertising are:

fast food commercials especially for such gourmet eateries as MC Donalds and Checkers. These ads usually feature plenty of loud rap/hip hop music.
"Yo Osphena, turn into Maury and watch that ho Destiny find out who be her little boy's baby daddy, that's must see loser TV." Erica's knocked up again with her third kid and she's just 16 and has nothing better to do than watch Judge Judy on Loser TV.
by dropthekidsatthepool August 24, 2014
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