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A high school in Los Altos, CA in the Bay Area. A very typical rich school in a very typical rich town with very typical rich kids. A hefty percentage of female freshmen have no personalities, and will annoy the fuck out of you. A high percentage of male freshmen are blazing manwhores and douchebags.
There are quite a few nice people here though, and help balance the social weights.

Los Altos High is quite rich, but seems to be content on keeping trash teachers like one bald pedophilic 9th grade History teacher and a leprechaun Concert Band teacher who you feel you should empathize with but cannot bring yourself not to hate him. But, even though it's hard to see past his cheesy tourist-in-Hawaii shirts, there is a science teacher who takes time off to go to Fiji to play and coach rugby. Once a year, he dresses up in a costume complete with sideburns and talks in a British accent while pretending to be Charles Darwin.

Los Altos has pretty awesome polo and swimming teams, not to mention football, cheer, basketball, and others. Our marching band is pretty bad, but it has a lot of fun being so.

Generally, there are some sexual scandals and plenty of smoking, and whatever happens is never easily kept secret because many are proud to wear dirt on their sleeves. Each grade is so small that everybody knows everybody else anyways.

Here, you will have the best of times and the worst of times. But you have the power to decide whether or not you are happy with what you've got.
example 1 of female freshman from Los Altos High School (dressing out in locker room): I'D CATCH A GRENADE FOR YA NEED A WISH RIGHT NOW NEVER SAY NEVER
*puts on 3d glasses with the lenses popped out after pulling on supposedly cute un-matching knee high socks*

example 2 of female freshman: Summer. Weed. Partying all night. Not giving a shit. I act an IDGAF attitude towards life and disregard the fact that not giving a fuck doesn't work well when I'm 18, out of the house, and jobless.

Male freshman: My parents are getting me a Mercedes for my fifteenth birthday, and on my sixteenth I'm gonna have a street racing party lols!!!112!

Student on the last day of school in June: Hey have you graded our 10-page essays that you made us stay up all night writing all the way back in January?
Flaming asshole teacher: If you want your essay back, you can visit me next year. Pick one, your essay back or an A in this class.

Girls swim coach/shop teacher: Your diving looks like a retarded radish falling into the pool!

Dude 1: Oh, you go to Los Altos High?
Dude 2: Yeah
Dude 1: What's it like, I've never heard anything about it because it's so small and in the middle of nowhere and shadowed by Palo Alto and Mountain View. Actually I've never even heard of the city of Los Altos at all, is it in North America?
by among the Los Altos crowd July 25, 2011
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