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1: From German "lรผren" which means 'to lie in wait' and Rhenish "lei" which means "cliff." Lorilei is an alternate spelling of Lorelei, which is best traced to a German myth naming a rock where a siren sits to lure men to their deaths. It has also been translated as: "murmuring rock."

2: A beautiful woman that could lure you anywhere with her playful attitude and warm smile. A deep woman who loves each and every thing she sees, simply because they are a part of the universe she lives in. A diverse woman of many colors, shades, textures and talents. A powerful woman who will travel farther, dance harder, sing louder and live fiercer because she knows what it means to live and not just what it means to survive.
1: I was walking down by the Rhine and Lorilei tried to drown me again...

2: Lorilei!!!!! We love you!! *glomp*

3: "When I think of {Lorilei}, my head turns all around

As gentle as a butterfly, she moves without a sound" -Styx
by BrighterThanTheStarsForever September 23, 2012
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