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A guy who can sometimes be hot headed and lose control of his emotions in the moment, however when composed tends to remain objective and logical. Loqman will often have his bluntness confused with insensitivity but he remains straightforward in order to precisely communicate his sincerest thoughts and feelings, in other words hes a really genuine guy with no cynical motives. Loqman is also a zealous athletic performer, his ability to pick up sports comes as second nature, swiftly honing his skills in sports such as Basketball, Football, Rugby, Volleyball and Baseball. When found with nothing to do Loqman will pass the time by watching hentai, playing PC video games, or partying with da boiz.
Female 1: Did you just see Loqman dunk on that kid?
Female 2: Of course I did! I can't take my eyes off of him.
Female 3: His jawline is so sharp it could slice up my family 😍
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by Vurpel August 07, 2018
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Someone who steals your memory cards.
Some guy: "Whoa man I'm so proud! I finished FF X and fucken saved it on my precious mem card."
*Once the guy is off the room, Loqman steals the card and gets out of the country*
by Anonymoussssssee December 19, 2011
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