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The dark brown delight launched from one's corn eye during a diarrhea explosion. Mad squirts that turn the formerly clear toilet water brown. In New England if you have the shits it's known as the Boston Tea Party. Loo Lipton or Bowl Tea can often be spotted in public restrooms such as Gas Stations, Truck Stops, Waffle Houses, IHOPs and Denny's. Unflushed Toilet Tetly and the tea bags Ass Paper TP, etc. make for an uninviting bowl. Undoubtedly caused by crappy food from an even crappier restaurant by a real douche that doesn't know how to flush.
I went to use the shitter, but somebody left some Loo Lipton, an always wonderful surprise. Assholes need to learn how to flush.
by Mattyboyee October 14, 2008
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