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Lonnell is amazing. It’s hard to try and describe him in just one way. I came here to find name definitions for people I care about, and when I realized he didn’t have one I knew I had to write it. Because he is all things good about this world. He is loving in ways that are unmatched, he is caring and intentional about conversation, and always knows when something is wrong, and is never afraid to ask. He has had his heart broken over and over again, but never fails to try and love someone with everything he has left in him. He’s the type of guy that you want to keep memories with, things that you don’t want to tell anyone happened between you two because it feels special and safe in only your minds. He will hold your hand and walk you through uncharted territory, even if he’s walked it a million times, he’ll take it slow to make sure you are comfortable, but don’t be fooled, it’s not like it’s easy for him, because he loves so fiercely. He’ll make you feel needed, wanted, seen, and understood, when it feels like no one else does. And his smile oh my god, his smile is beautiful and he doesn’t even know it, when he’s around someone who makes him smile it’s the best, because he’ll just look up at you, and it will creep up on his face, brilliant and innocent, a moment of true happiness in someone who has felt so much pain. I love him, and I don’t know about the other Lonnells of the world. But mine is truly amazing.
I went to the spot today, and it really made me miss Lonnell.
by Gabrielle ;) November 12, 2018
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Lonnell is a guy you will hit it off with the first time you even talk. He will make you nervous when you talk to him even a phone call. Lonnell is the best boyfriend you could ask for, he will listen and help you when you need it. He is sweet and you will fall for him quick so watch out. Lonnell is a great friend to have when you need one, he will lie to you though so don't believe just anything he says. If you're dating him he will break you're heart so be really careful, Lonnell may be sweet but just don't fall for him.
Girl : I love Lonnell
Someone : He broke my heart don't trust it
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by beenthere_donethat March 27, 2019
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