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the abominable cyst found on the genitals of students of the University of Texas. commonly appears as an orange swelling of the flesh. This disgusting disease comes as a direct result of attending the University of Texas. typical symptoms include:

.a sexual attraction to the color orange
.a bestiality fetish (specifically an attraction to a cow)
. dementia (believing that UT is an adequate school)
.douchebaggery (male)/bitchery (female)
.thoughts of suicide

the only known treatment is a salve consisting of Sooner semen, crushed Baylor bear testicals, and Aggie asshole hairs that is applied directly to the infected area.
Elisa: hey Alex, what's that on your dick??
Alex: shit i dunno...
Elisa: wtf it's orange, did u go to UT ??
Alex: yea. how did u know??
Elisa: longhorn lump. -_-
by schxzophrenxc_ax October 25, 2011
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