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A television show that was initially scripted as a parody of Winnie the Pooh. Unlike that series, however, Longabear is not animated. The central character, Tuey Longa, is a timid nebbish of a bear who depends largely on his closest friend, Tiger Panther, for guidance. Tiger's relationship with Tuey, however, is largely predatory, as he frequently subjects Tuey to forcible anal sex. Tuey's exact feelings on the subject are unclear, for while he does complain about Tiger's actions, he nevertheless maintains a close friendship with him, perhaps implying a certain degree of complicity. Tiger, who is domineering and speaks in ebonics, is a foil to Tuey, who is cautious and soft-spoken.

At some point it was decided that the series would not take the form of a parody of the popular children's show, and so the two main characters, a bear and his best friend who is a tiger, are the only remnant of that original intent. All other characters except Tuey's arch-rival Muy Wronga (a play on words combining the Spanish word, "muy," meaning "very," and, "wronga," an apparently Latinized form of the word, "wrong") are portrayed by the same actor, and it is unclear whether this is supposed to simply be one character who frequently changes occupations.
I watched Longabear last night for the first time. It was pretty fucked up. Honestly I only watched out of morbid curiosity.
by Tuey Longa August 06, 2009
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