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Long Range Laterals is a game that really manly men play while alone in the Men's room. The gameplay is fairly straight forward: The player selects a urinal to stand at, but instead of pissing into that urinal the player pees into the next urinal over, or the one next to that, ad infinitum. The objective is to piss without missing a urinal.

It is considered legitimate for the player to quickly turn towards his own urinal to finish up if he is indeed at the end of his stream. Scoring is based on the honor system, one point is awarded for each urinal that is next in line. Having another player acting as a judge and a look-out is not out of the question, though slightly bizarre.
"Hey, Steve! Did you hear? Barry from procurement said he beat his Long Range Laterals high score on the 2nd floor!"
"What? No way. . . That crazy bastard pissed across 5 urinals?"
by Acid Laced PenguiN August 06, 2009
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