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If someone is rude, ignorant or a complete dumb ass.
While observing the WW1 two minute silence a gentlemen who has no respect is gassing on the phone... Can you hear that guy? He's such a Long Flex!
by Ricardo, Desmond & Sandeca November 11, 2008
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To do more work than nesscary, like when someone flexes their back more than needed to do something.

This phrase is usually assoicated with doing with doing extra credit homework or taking 2 hours to work that can easily performed in 30 mins, generally all schoolwork that geeks and nerds do.

Me:How many of pages of coursework you do? I did 9, font size 14

Zubair: Man I was up till 3 in the morning and did 33 pages, font size 10.

Me: Your long flex dude.
by Carl Anka February 26, 2006
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