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The complete resistance of hostages to comply willingly with the demands and requests of their captors.

A phenomenon which is the opposite of the Stockholm syndrome (wherein hostages form bonds of empathy and sympathy with their captors to an extreme degree and may even defend their captors' actions.)
LONDON SYNDROME: "After a hostage situation in London, the London syndrome was born which described hostages refusal to comply with the demands of their captors."
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by avarocava May 15, 2018
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-14 o'clock! Time for my tea break.
-Tea? Again? Are you having the London syndrome or something?
-Hey, my green tea won't drink itself, you know!

-I woke up in the middle of the night from strange noises in the living room. I looked to my right, but my husband wasn't in bed. So I got up, and very quietly sneaked out, and into the living room.
There, in the candle light, he was sitting. All alone. Drinking his damn Earl Gray! Boohoohoo...
-Enough, don't worry, honey, your husband is in good hands now.
by Urban_Fellow December 03, 2006
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