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1. Lolik, in accordance to the ancient Urartian (present day Armenian) language, means Tomato.

2. Through the 2nd century BC, Lolik became a very popular name among people which communicated by noise or extraordinary sounds. As a result people started referring to them as “Singing Tomatos” which in Armenian is pronounced “Pamidorik or Tomatik”.

3. During the rule of the Haysa (5th century AD),” Lolik” became associated with clumsy girls/women.
1. 'He/She is as red as Lolik'
2. 'Can you hear that?...What?...The weird noise.... Oh, be careful, I think there is a Lolik nearby.

3. 'Did she fall of the chair again?...No I think she walked into that door....!! Oh god she is such a Lolik
by Kamarik August 15, 2010
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