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Haysa is a strong and beatiful woman. She has your back at all times, but she also could be your greatest enemy if you get her mad. She fights with everyone all the time and always wins. Every Single Time. She looks scary when you first meet her but after she is one of the funnest, and funniest girl you’ll ever know. I mean she could be a bitch, but that bitch who has all the sides. Basically what I’m saying is that if you know her you are most likely going to have the best time in your life.
Bro 1: Hey who’s that girl?

Bro 2: That’s Haysa, most boys are scared of her or like her. Pick a side Bro 1.
Bro 1: Guess it’s the Scared if Her side.
Bro 2: Well don’t ever talk to Bro 3 then because he lovesssssssss her.
Bro 1: Gotchu Bro 2.
by TheOtherSideChick March 21, 2019
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