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Unpredictable, evil, a charmer, easy to talk to, great with people, less than love but more than like. Gets attached easily. BLACK!
Lokman: Let me see them cheeks!!
Me: no
by OooOOoOOoMrHudson November 02, 2011
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Lok-Man is a noun, adjective as well as a verb.
Noun definition- A 300 year old penis that has been in the sewers. Example: I found a Lok-Man while jogging in the streets yesterday.
Verb definition- Having sex with a dead body for at least 1 year. A drunk guy was Lok-Maning in the hospital.
Adjective definition- something smells terrible. I saw some puke in the sewers, it smelled Lok-Man.

It would be ashamed that someone is called Lok-Man
I found a Lok-Man in the streets this morning.
by Vgtyuhb December 06, 2018
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