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A mysterious part of the leg that tickles when it is hit hard.
Ha ha, he hit my loig.
by Choikensen May 24, 2018
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Celtic name / spelling for "Loic", "Loick", "Lorik" or even "Loicq"; a bit of a dark horse character with a mind of his own in Breton Celtic tales (in the Cantona mould), who may or may not be -usually isn't- a conventional hero as Cuchulain is in Irish tales (Cuchulain is Lugh's son); by extension, an original / eccentric / maverick; a law unto himself; does not suffer fools gladly.
"that Loig certainly knows how to piss people off"

"people like Cantona, Tom Waits or Nina Simone are honorary Loigs"
by allix May 03, 2007
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