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Home of the Berries, Logansport is a shithole town in Indiana. There's nothing to do and nowhere to go. The people who live in Logansoprt can usually be defined as rednecks, preps, dirtybutts, and wangsters. Few people don't fit into any of those categories.
Oh my God, this town blows!

Hey, it could be worse. It could be Logansport.
by est.6661 June 29, 2011
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Logansport is pronounced 'Logan sport' which is funny because a lot of people named 'Logan' live in Logansport. But it was originally pronounced 'Logans port' because of all the trains. Logansport is loaded with trains, which can be annoying when you are trying to get to choir practice. Logansport is also home of The Logansport Children's Choir which is an incredibly awesome choir that has traveled to Europe several times 'cause they are so awesome. Logansport is also home to fantastic schools with fantastic programs and sports, etc. Logansport is in Indiana. (the middle, home of lots of corn but not as much as Illinois...)
So, anyway...
Logansport is a nice little town no matter what all of the haters say about it.
There are a lot of other great things to say about lil' Logan, like the carousel, and the great parks, but I think the best way to find out about Logansport is to go there yourself!
'You live in logansport??'
'Why?! I love Logansport!'

'Where are you from?'
'Isn't that where a giant cat is the mascot of the high school?'
'Hey! My best friend is the mascot! And the mascot's name is Felix!'
'Oooh, sorry.'
by ZetaJones February 22, 2012
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