When you shove your balls into her vagina and continue to smash her from behind.
Yo man, my girl loves being locker boxed! I last at least one minute longer!
by Thatguywhosbored September 15, 2019
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the act of two or more people fighting in a locker room each with a pair of hockey/lacrosse gloves and a lacrosse/hockey helmet.
Yo, i just heard that billy and bob locker boxed in the locker ailes. Apperantly, Billy won in the 3rd round
by teen persian May 3, 2009
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A fight that takes place in a locker room or locker room bathroom between lacrosse or hockey teammates. Two or more people box each other while wearing their team helmet and gloves to determine the superior, fight for honor, glory and bragging rights.
1# Hey ass
2# How bout you shut up and we go locker boxing!
1# Fine lets go, after practice
2# Your on!
by Bob Lancer May 18, 2007
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Being able to stick both your cock and balls into the vagina.
"i locker-boxed" that puck bunny last night
by wyse May 20, 2008
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to fight someone with a hockey helmet and gloves
person 1:Did u see tim locker box T?
person 2:Yea tim got his ass beat
person 1: Damn T's a blonde beast
by Jewsus (thanks zach) February 1, 2008
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Bev: "I like Paul."
John: "You can't hook up with him!"
Bev: "Stop being such a box locker."
by douwannaeffingcookie February 8, 2008
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