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Also known as a "Slock". A lethal and very crude weapon of true desperation, often times used by convicts in prison. The lock in a sock is a blunt trauma weapon that inflicts bruises and broken bones to its victims. It's known for its ability to kill or severely injure in a single blow.

Lock in a sock is a generalized term, as in reality convicts load socks not only with combination padlocks, but also other heavy items such as large batteries, bars of soap, fruit, rocks, or even toilet paper mache balls. Basically if it is blunt, heavy, or dense, it can be dropped inside of a sock and used as a weapon. While large batteries, large rocks, and locks loaded into a sock can be lethal; often times prisoners use soap or fruit not to kill, but to send a message as they are less than lethal.

Slocks are known for their stopping power and in the hands of a skilled combatant, a very deadly weapon. On the street slocks are often used in conjunction with bandanas and common among biker gangs.

They are also used in the ghetto by poor people or carried as a defense weapon. Locks and bandanas can be taken apart immediately before frisked by police allowing the weapon to remain undetected and then reassembled afterward.
In some states in America, possession of a Slock is classified as a deadly weapon. They fall under the classification of "Slungshot".
Yo he just got knocked tf out by a Lock in a sock!

Sh*ts about to go down bruh, grab You a lock in a sock!
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by BigPeterLilNuts May 20, 2019
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1) Simply, a lock inside of a sock. Mainly used as a weapon in the ghetto for beating babies. Can be made with a variety of socks, including tube socks, crew socks, athletic socks, stockings, panty-hose, and toe-socks.
1) Don't beat me with that lock in a sock! Beat the baby instead!
by Huff Daddio December 17, 2008
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