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A lobthaw is someone who manages to make a fuckery out of a situation that is seemingly impossible to fuck up and make a shambles of it.
Big Dick M'Gallon finally gets an absolute model of a young one for himself.Big Dick then gets absolutely smaaaaaaaaashed and forgets his name and everything associated with him. So Big Dick decides to shift a friend of the young one, like the lobthaw he is. Big Dick is now left twiddlin his thumbs like the pure Gammon master he is. Well done Big Dick ya stumour. Your duuuuuuuuuuuuune .

The lads: Big Dick do you remember last night.

Big Dick : No lads what happened.

Gets told story.

Big Dick : Ah fuck im taken.

The lads: You are a fucking lobthaw.
by Dougal McNulty November 05, 2014
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