Masturbating on those days you can't keep your claws off your own tail. Those days you feel the most moist, buttery,and delicious.
Damn I am looking good today...I will have to head straight home and lobsterbate to myself in the mirror.
by Dr. Debutante February 08, 2008
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1. A woman purchases a live lobster.
2. She inserts the tail into her vagina.
3. She burns the lobster's face (for maximum class, she uses the Virginia Slim she's currently smoking).
4. The agitated lobster will wiggle its tail, recreating the effect of a vibrator, albeit an oddly-shaped one.
After putting together her Hoosier Hysteria High School Baskteball puzzle, Erin retired for a relaxing evening of Virginia Slims and lobsterbation.
by ssaaaammm August 16, 2005
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A form of rigorous masturbation that renders you breathless and causes your face to redden from exhaustion.
As a teen I was very fond of Lobsterbating.
by loreleibooks July 24, 2011
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