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One that plays video games and types in a very annoying fashion on purpose that uses ;) when he or she does an amazing melee attack or headshot. This person also types constantly and the most out of all the other players while getting first place, highest score, highest kill streaks and rubs everyone's faces in it while he or she does it. As lobbywhoresays : "the ultimate troll"
Superfaded: Man I'm rolling the most sticky ickiest blunt in the world, you guys cant compare. . . boom headshot

Superfaded: omg watch that killcam broner

Superfaded: wow I'm so faded guys. . . amazing juke stab

Superfaded: I'm the best COD4 player in the world bitches

Player 2: The most annoying thing in the world is a lobbywhorepro
by urbandictionaryrulesass May 29, 2011
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