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People who have had their frontal lobes removed but still support Obama. I think that we have been invaded by an alien race that has targeted mostly Democrats to take over their bodies and replace them with automatons.

The undying support for a man and an administration even in the face of clear evidence that his policies will ruin all of our lives.

The constant repeating of simple mantras that make no sense, but make one feel good, hope and change, hope and change. “We are the ones”, we are the ones. The surrender of the self to believe in such truths as “Doing anything is better than doing nothing”. ? We have to do it now. We don’t need to read the bill or the fine print just trust us.


Shock therapy: If not administered quickly there will be a rapid reduction of cash in ones wallet, loss of freedom and liberty.
I think that most democrats have had a Lobamaotomy.
by Larry Levine October 20, 2009
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