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This term refers to the appearance of a man's fully erect penis when standing up , and derives from the long spear-like instrument used in fishing, whaling, sealing, and other marine hunting to catch large fish or marine mammals such as whales. It accomplishes this task by impaling the target animal and securing it with barb or toggling claws.
Helen: "How was your trip to the Ocean with Bobby?"

Tammy: "Helen, wait on this - we went into the changing cabin to get into our swimwear - when Bobby took his underpants off I peeped across and saw he had a fully loaded harpoon!"

Helen: "Are you serious?"

Tammy: "Totally."

Helen: "And ......?"

Tammy: "I asked if it was for me..."

Helen: "And ...... ?"

Tammy: "He looked at me for a moment, quite shy, and said it was ...."

Helen: "And ......?"

Tammy: "I slipped my swim bottoms to one side and asked him to lift me on!"

Helen: "A Standup Stallone with Bobby?! You are one lucky girl!"

Tammy: "I sure am - and he took good care of me before the final shot!"

Helen: "I am just SO jealous! We gotta talk about something else now or I’ll have to change into my spanties.”
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by Katie4eyes January 31, 2018
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