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A great, but still incredibly overrated longboard. While it is awesome for cruising, commuting and carving, the concave is to small and the grip to bad to be a comfortable slider. It is also rather slim, wich when combined with it's length makes it rather limited for dancing. The flex often wears out after a couple years. It does not feel very safe over 35-40 mph, but can be taken faster if you got the skills.

The main problem with this board however is the price. Many boards can do the same job, but is much more affordable. If you find a cheap one, it is a great begginers board that you will enjoy for many years.
Longboarder #1: Man! This Loaded Dervish is great for carving, but I need something I can take to faster speeds.
Longboarder #2: I know, it feels good, but is a bit limited when it comes to freeriding.

Longboarder#1: The dervish looks perfect to me, but it is to expensive.
Longboarder#2: Thats okay. Look into the Kracked Skulls Scimitar, Bc Eel, Landyatchz 9 two 5 or the Holesom. There are plenty of options.
by Thepeanutlord September 13, 2010
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The world's best skate or longboard. Perfect for cruising, dancing, carving, sliding, and anything else you can throw at it.
Bro I just shredded the gnar with my Loaded Dervish.

Dude, my laybacks are so sick on my Loaded Dervish.
by Gorillazbmx6 September 19, 2009
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