A very sexy person who mains bastion in overwatch. They spent most of their time worshipping the magnificence of a fully undressed Torbjorn, therefore loose most of the games they play.
I just played a game with Llanos dude. Our team lost because of them
by NOTBASTION September 5, 2021
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A Sexy and passionate lover all woman deserve in their lives. Usally one who takes love to a whole another level
Llanos was someone i can never forget. He wass soo good to me
by Mercedes love November 18, 2018
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an awesome hunting town in texas that has an alright football team...but mostly known for the barbecue joint coopers.
i want to go to llano and hunt.
by recreation August 10, 2008
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No. Just no.
Llano CA -
A small 'town' a 3 hours and a century outside of Los Angeles CA.
by Fanona July 18, 2022
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