1) to penetrate in intercourse with a half-erect, half-flaccid penis.
2) to half-ass something, and do a half crappy job.
1) Girlfriend to friend: "he was so drunk last night, he llamathrusted me for 2 minutes and then passed out."
2) I llamathrusted my day through work, probably only working for 2 real hours.
by walruswords November 01, 2015
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Sexual act involving spitting and kicking similar to a llama. The spitting can be done by the male or female sexual partner, kicking is normally only done by the female.
"Hey man did that chick you take home last night go hard?" "she was awesome until she started to llamathrust, now I have spit in my hair and I'm covered in bruises from the kicking!"
by dirtystuff April 22, 2015
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